Kizil jam

A prescription of jam based on kizil is quite easy to prepare, and due to the fact that in this berry there is a high pectin content, the presence of which during the preparation of jam, allows the juice of the berry to quickly turn into a jelly -like substance.

Although all the useful properties inherent in this berry have not yet been fully studied by scientists, the presence of increased vitamin C content in the resulting jam speaks for itself. And this means that the cold and the flu will not be present in the family, which stocked up for the winter with such healthy and delicious jam as jam from Kizil. Moreover, the therapeutic, not only the berry itself, but the leaflets and even the queen -tree core are a natural binder. Having such an opportunity as to prepare jigwal, you will not regret it, because in winter it will become a delicious miracle-asp.


Sugar – 1 kg;

Kizil berries – 1 kg;

White wine is both dry and semi -dry – 2 glasses.

Cooking method:

– Kizil berries must be thoroughly washed, remove the stems and leaves, remove the seeds.

– Transfer Kizil to a saucepan, add sugar and wine.

– Put a pan on the stove, turn on on medium heat and bring the mixture to a boil continuing to cook for about 20 minutes until the moment the berry thickens.

– the jam poured into pre -prepared, and previously sterilized jars.

– cans need to be covered with lids and put for 5 minutes in a boiling water bath.

– finished jam rolls jars with metal lids using the key.

In winter, such a billet made of kizil will come in handy as a delicious sour-sour filling to domestic pies, pies, and layers, or you can decorate the cakes from Kizil, and arrange other home desserts.

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