How to open your tea club?

What is needed for the tea club to be popular with connoisseurs of an ancient tonic drink and, accordingly, bring profit?

The first thing to take care is about is a profitable location of your establishment. Tea belongs to marketers to the category of impulse purchases: walking along the street, a person sees an attractive window and, if she can interest him enough, decides to enjoy a cup of tea. It is worth being prepared right away that the number of customers at the beginning will be quite modest, but visitors who like the quality of your product, service and the concept of tea, will definitely return to you again, bringing friends and relatives with them.

Therefore, the room can rent a small. The main thing is that it has an appropriate place to store tea. Agree, the sale of tea wholesale assumes that the distributor will store it in compliance with all the rules: in dry, dark, well -ventilated, warm place. Otherwise the tea will deteriorate, and your investments will be in vain.

As for the design of the room, then it is worth first of all to think through the concept well. Various establishments in the traditional ethnic style are very popular with tea lovers: Indian, Chinese, Japanese, subject to the appropriate ceremony of brewing and drinking a wonderful tea drink. It is worth taking care of the dishes that may vary depending on the concept of the establishment you have chosen. Your teaspoon will attract visitors only if it is quiet enough and comfortable in it, because the process of consumption of tea requires calm and dimensionality.

Next, you need to take care of the actual product. A tea company that is engaged in the supply of tea from manufacturing countries can help you to determine the varieties. Experts will tell you in detail about the most popular varieties of tea, the conditions of their storage and tea leaves.

By the way, compliance with brewing technology is the most important in tea, what distinguishes it from competitors and attracts visitors. Therefore, when hiring staff, you can limit yourself to just a few people, but they must be professionals in their field and have some experience. Even the most expensive Chinese elite tea is easy to spoil, not knowing how to brew it correctly. And one more thing: the service in the tea should be first -class! This is the only way you can place customers and ensure that they return to you again.

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