Swiss chocolate

There are no such people on Earth who do not like chocolate. But there are people who simply do not know about their love for chocolate, because they have not yet eaten real gentle, Swiss chocolate.

Swiss chocolate is one of their symbols, this small country in the Alps. Swiss chocolate tourists always bring as a souvenir to their homeland.

Swiss chocolate began to be made for a very long time, and now it has a richest story, about which you can even make a complete, fascinating film. Chocolate was brought to the city of Zurich, back in 1697 from Brussels. One of the most beloved goodies of the Belgians – Plin, was made thanks to the Swiss pharmacist Jean Neuhaus. To this day, his name is called the most important factory manufacturer of chocolate.

At the very beginning, the production of chocolate was thoroughly hidden, his recipe was known only to masters, and was transmitted from generation to generation. Prepared chocolate only for city meetings, and in the form of a drink.

The first chocolate factory in Switzerland was opened by Italian in 1750, but then it was closed due to a ban on chocolate. However, at the end of the eighteenth century, small factories for the production of chocolate began to open. Products from factories began to be sold in special chocolate shops.

You probably were interested in knowing why Swiss chocolate, because cocoa beans did not grow in this cold country. But it was in Switzerland that the masters created the most comfortable conditions for the production of chocolate. There are a lot of mills in this country, it is in their place that factories were created, because the power of water perfectly supports chocolate in liquid state. In addition, Switzerland was in the way of the trading road and the products were perfectly sold out.

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