What depends on the quality and convenience of the kitchen knife

A knife is a necessary thing for any person. We constantly use knives in everyday life in the kitchen, some men consider the knife the subject of their pride, hunters and fishermen use knives on their campaigns, and office workers use stationery knives. Naturally, different knives are used for different purposes. In this article, we will examine the kitchen knives in detail, see, choose and buy which on the site

To begin with, today the market is presented a huge variety of kitchen knives that differ among themselves as intended, size, material and other signs. There are kitchen knives for cleaning potatoes, for cleaning vegetables, for cutting bread, for cutting meat and fish, for carving and other purposes. The main element of the kitchen knife is the blade, the quality of the knife depends on its severity, shape and material. As a rule, the blade of kitchen knives is made of stainless steel. In order to add a safety blade, chrome is added to steel. An indicator of the quality of the blade is its homogeneity, there should not be divorces, dents or potholes on it.

In addition to the material of the blade for the kitchen knife, sharpening is important, since the quality of the cut depends on it. You can determine good sharpening according to the following signs: the blade is equally narrow along the entire length, the blade is even without bends (the exception is a bread knife).

The convenience of the kitchen knife depends on its handle. Knives with wooden handles are more convenient, since they are light, durable and do not slip out of hands. Plastic hilts are less practical, they quickly break and crack, also such a knife will probably slip out of hands. Knives with metal handles will last a long time, they are the most durable, but there is one significant drawback-such knives are sufficiently heavy and are more suitable for male cooks.

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