A store was opened in Bordeaux, in which they sell products without packaging

A grocery store, in which plastic bags and packaging of all types are not used during sale, was opened in the historical center of Bordeaux. Every day there are quite a lot of buyers, but also just curious and tourists. Two young people who part-time are students of one of the local higher educational institutions in St.

“We did not expect so many people,” says Wilhelm Sandher, “we didn’t even have enough time to study all manufacturers in the region”. Meanwhile, the grocery store offers about 350 items of the most popular products. Vegetables, rice, flour, pasta, coffee and even chocolate are distributed by scattering on the shelves, this approach, according to sellers and buyers, changes the ideology of marketing and packaging.

The store is popular with students and other people with a limited budget. There is a low price for all types of products, but basically visitors like the fact that the prompts can be chosen yourself and how much is necessary, which makes shopping much more economical. “Clients bring their banks and even bags for vegetables,” says Jules, the second of the cos – leaders, as it turned out, of a profitable business project. – They are happy to play this game, and since it works, we will try to even more expand the assortment and quality of service ”.

Nevertheless, modern trading enterprises cannot do without the use of packaging materials, the manufacture of which requires high -quality packaging equipment, which you can buy here here. Among the widespread variety of packaging machines, vertical and horizontal types for packing all types of products are most in demand today. Modern packaging equipment is not only machines for the production of plastic bags, but also whole automated high -performance lines.

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