Stamps for food.

With a skillful approach, even the most everyday home meal can turn into an exciting adventure, and the most ordinary school lunch, which is popularly called just like a bento, will be entertainment for your baby. And all this thanks to the fiction and creativity of loving and caring mothers. But, unfortunately, one fantasy in this matter may be few. And then all kinds of children’s dishes of unusual shapes and design come to the rescue, as well as super accessories.

For example, we wrote several times about children’s stamps, prints, with the help of which you can create unique works of art without even having a higher art education. Why not try to decorate lunch dishes or school gento using seals? Only for this you need a slightly different technology, ink here will not be relevant. And this technology is found! In one Japanese store, stamps are sold specifically for food.

The meaning is to heat the metal base of the print and attach it to the desired product. There will be a contrasting drawing on food. In the same way, this accessory can be used as an burning device for wooden surfaces, thereby decorating not only food, but also the dishes on which the dish is served.

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